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Black Rice Benefits

Black Rice

Black Rice benefits have made him popular in the last few years It has the exceptional triple advantage of being aesthetically appealing, tasty, and nutritious. Purple rice, forbidden rice, and emperor’s rice are some of the other names for this dark rice, which is a deep purple-black. 

Black rice varieties can be found everywhere, from India, China, and Japan to Thailand and Indonesia. There are long-grained and short-grained variations. Because long-grained rice has a lower glycemic index and less starch.

Black Rice –  Cooking Tips

You can steam the rice, boil it in water, or use a pressure cooker like an Instant Pot. Black rice has a chewier texture than other types of rice. You should anticipate that cooking black rice will demand more water.

Like all rice, black rice has the potential to collect arsenic from the soil. Before cooking the dry rice, rinse it to lessen the likelihood that you’ll consume arsenic. Additionally, you can overcook the rice and then drain off any extra liquid that the grain hasn’t absorbed by the time it’s been deemed “done.” To make sure you don’t overcook the rice, this method does require more supervision.

5 Health Benefits of Black Rice 

  • Excellent Source of Fiber: As was already said, black rice is an excellent source of fiber, which promotes regular bowel movements and guards against constipation, bloating, and diarrhea. Additionally, it makes your body feel full, which keeps you from bingeing on fatty meals and promotes weight loss.
  • Good For Eyes: Black rice contains carotenoids and vitamin E which are good for eye health. Additionally helpful to older individuals, it helps prevent some eye issues that can result in blindness. Additionally, black rice lessens the harm that UV rays do to the eyes.
  • Boosts Heart Health: Black rice has a well-known beneficial effect on heart health. Additionally, it helps lower LDL, generally known as bad cholesterol, and is a major contributor to cardiovascular disorders. It has been demonstrated to preserve healthy heart health as a result. 
  • Reduces the Risk of Diabetes: Black rice has a lot of fiber, which aids in regulating blood sugar levels. You should start using black rice in your diet right away to reduce your risk of developing diabetes. 
  • Enhances Liver Health: Fatty liver disease is brought on by the buildup of fat in the liver. By lowering fat and restoring the liver’s natural activities, the antioxidants in black rice are beneficial to the liver.

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10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Ghee


It is compared to gold in the scriptures. Our ancestors understood the true worth of ghee because of its incredible benefits. Ghee is one of the most revered foods in Ayurveda and is incredibly therapeutic.

Ghee is entirely composed of fat and contains very little protein, carbohydrate, sugar, or fiber. If the ghee comes from milk from grass-fed cows, it is also high in vitamins A, E, and K. It also contains butyric acid.

Health benefits of Ghee

We have listed the top 10 amazing health benefits of ghee in this blog.

  1. Healthy Food: Ghee draws poisonous substances to it and aids in purging the body of hazardous substances. It is among the foods that are most satvic.
  2. Appetizer: Both children and adults have increased appetites after consuming ghee. It should also be included in your child’s diet for this reason.
  3. Skin health: Ghee assists you in keeping healthy skin by retaining moisture, enhancing skin repair, curing cracks, and softening the skin.
  4. Makes Bones Stronger: Vitamin K, which is abundant in ghee and aids in calcium absorption. It aids in the prevention of atherosclerosis and tooth decay.
  5. Multiple Vitamins: Ghee is a reliable source of the essential oil-soluble vitamins A and E required for fertility, a healthy liver, and hormone balance.
  6. Lactose Intolerance Benefit: Lactose isn’t in ghee. People with dairy or casein intolerance usually don’t attract allergies after consuming ghee.
  7. Controls Burns: One of the least dangerous dermatological cosmetics is ghee. It helps heal burns and is gentle on the skin.
  8. Addresses Menstrual Issues: The hormones in the body are often balanced by ghee. Because of this, it is a top candidate if you want to get rid of menstruation problems including PMS and irregular cycles.
  9. Contains healthy fat: Ghee has been shown by research to be low in fat. It contains beneficial fats that raise the body’s level of good cholesterol. Unlike other types of fat, ghee does not lead to heart disease.
  10. Supports the Digestive System: Before every meal, our ancestors used to eat a teaspoon of ghee in the past. It lined the digestive tract and lowered the risk of cancer and ulcers.

TRADITIONAL COW GHEE – The best of all

Ghee is not all processed in the same way. In order to choose the best ghee, it is necessary to consider its nutritional content. And when it comes to this quality, organic cow ghee is unquestionably at the top. When we are talking about health benefits of cow ghee, then you can get all above 10 points, which are mentioned above.

You can readily purchase organic cow ghee online, and it can significantly alter your diet. You can contact Viara Store at 8999367236 or email us at orders@viarastore.in

Why were our grandparents healthier than us?


When vegetables were grown in the backyard garden rather than being packaged in plastic and a tablet was something you took when you were unwell, children used to play outside in the soil until the dinner bell rang.

The idea that our grandparents lived in simpler, more natural times, before processed meals and pervasive screens gave us all kinds of lifestyle ailments, is a widespread one.

Let’s explore the reasons why our grandparents in ancient India were more healthy.

  • Waking up in the early morning: Early risers frequently have early nights. A huge advantage of getting up early is the stress reduction. This results in higher-quality sleep as your body’s biological clock adjusts to your new sleep schedule.
  • Use hands for eating: It promotes digestion since our fingers’ nerve endings are known to increase metabolism. When using a spoon, individuals tend to eat more quickly, which is bad for digestion.
  • Sitting on floor:  Earlier,  people would sit cross-legged on the floor to consume their meals. Eating in this position facilitates easier, quicker digestion, which is further aided by movement of the body during the meal.
  • Usage of Banana leaf:  Polyphenols, which are plant-based chemicals that act as natural antioxidants, are abundant in banana leaves. The polyphenols that are absorbed into the diet are stimulated by the heat food put on the plantains.
  • Proper meal timings: In the past, people used to eat a healthy diet and to eat their meals on time. Eating meals on schedule keeps blood sugar and bad cholesterol levels balanced and promotes health.
  • Using Matka for water: In the past, when there were no refrigerators, people used to store water in clay pots to keep it cool. The water is cooled by clay pots depending on the weather, and they also soothe our on our throats.
  • Active lifestyle: Our grandparents used to complete all of their jobs manually. This made them stronger and allowed for more bodily movements that served as exercise.
  • Copper & Silver utensils: In the past, people would preserve water in a copper container at night and consume it in the morning. Copper aids in weight loss, aids digestion, and kills bacteria. Silver containers were used to store wine, water, and some food items since the metal could keep them fresh.

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