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Is jaggery healthier than sugar?


Is jaggery healthier than sugar?

Many medical practitioners advise substituting jaggery (gud) for sugar if you want a sweetener with higher nutritional qualities. Jaggery can be either golden brown or dark brown in colour, whereas sugar is primarily in the form of translucent, white crystals, despite the fact that both can be processed.

The former loses some of its nutritious content as a result of laborious industrial operations like charcoal treatment. However, other than boiling sugarcane syrup, the latter receives no extra treatment. This guarantees the retention of fibre, mineral salts, and traces of iron in it. Numerous illnesses can be treated with the help of these minerals and phytochemicals from plants.

Is Jaggery good for diabetes?

Patients with diabetes frequently experience sweet cravings and use a variety of sweeteners. Jaggery may be seen by these individuals as a superior substitute for sugar, although it also contains significant amounts of sugar. 10 grammes of jaggery contain between 65% and 85% sugar. Therefore, it is not recommended for frequent consumption by diabetics. Furthermore, even Ayurveda does not advise diabetic individuals to consume it.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Jaggery

1.Avoiding respiratory issues

Jaggery is best for people who are suffering from respiratory tract issues. The jaggery keeps dust and undesirable substances from the body, relieving pressure on the body.

2.Promotes weight loss

The majority of people struggle with weight gain. Moderate jaggery consumption is a tried-and-true method for promoting weight loss. Long chains of sucrose make up the complex sugar known as jaggery. The sucrose takes the body a while to digest, so the energy is released gradually over a longer period of time. Additionally, it prolongs our feelings of fullness and decreases our hunger.

3.Regulates blood pressure

It contains potassium and sodium, which helps in maintaining the body’s acid balance. So having it in your diet would be really beneficial if you have high or low blood pressure.

4.Reduces menstrual discomfort

Endorphins, a pleasant hormone that is released when jaggery is consumed, are helpful in reducing PMS symptoms like mood swings, impatience, food cravings, and many more. Jaggery use on a regular basis may also help control irregular periods.

5.Cleansing of the liver

Jaggery is a natural cleanser that is particularly beneficial for the liver. The natural sweetener present in jaggery removes dangerous poisons from our bodies. This aids liver detoxification even further. That’s why jaggery consumption is advised for liver disorders.

6.Helps avoid constipation

Consuming the nutrient-rich sweetener encourages bowel movements and the body’s digestive enzymes to become active. Simply take a small amount of this wholesome natural sweetener after a meal to lower your risk of constipation.

7.Jaggery can strengthen immunity.

Jaggery contains the required minerals and antioxidants. This helps in reducing the risk of free radical damage & strengthening resistance to many diseases. It is commonly consumed in the winter just because of this reason.

8.Remedies urinary tract issues

Jaggery has the same natural diuretic properties as sugarcane. Regular consumption of this nutritious food item can readily help with a number of concerns, including reducing bladder irritation, promoting urination, and enhancing the smooth flow of urine.

9.Cough and cold treatment

Jaggery also aids in the treatment of flu-like symptoms like a cold or cough. It causes the body to produce heat, thwarting the effects of the cold. Jaggery forms a coating on the inner lining of the throat, helping to treat symptoms including sore throat and itching.

10.Eases joint discomfort

Consuming jaggery can significantly reduce pain for those who have arthritis or other types of joint discomfort. A rich supplier of calcium and phosphorus is jaggery. When combined, these two nutrients help to solve any joint or bone issues. Ginger merely makes its effectiveness better when consumed with it.

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